What is Grievances Redressal System?

Grievance Redressal System is a tool for receiving the Grievances from the students in an organised way and provide them the solution through an automated redressal mechanism. Grievance Redressal System primarily covers the receipt, processing, tracking and monitoring of the complaints received from students. It also includes actions taken on the issues raised by them so as to provide services more effectively.

Benefits of Grievance Redressal System?

1. Web-based Application, fully responsive, universally accessible

2. To improve quality of public service

3. To ensure transparency and accountability in Grievance redress mechanism

4. Monitoring of grievances

5. Complaints received online

6. To enforce time frame of service delivery defined in citizen charter

7. Dashboards for each user

8. secure login

9. A robust admin panel that includes dashboards, complaints, reports and user management manage all functions at one place.

10. Various reports generated includes Analytical reports, graphical reports, periodical reports, performance reports.


  • A student or stake holder who needs to lodge a grievance should register themselves in the website by entering their valid credentials.
  • Upon successful registration of grievance, the user will be given a grievance ID (acknowledgment number) that should be noted for future reference.
  • The system will automatically send grievance alert to concerned department prompting them to take appropriate action. The grievance authenticity is verified by the system before taking any action on it.
  • The action once taken shows complaint resolved and can be viewed by the user. The user can reopen the case if they are not satisfied with the action.
  • Online grievance mechanism will be extremely effective for the authorities and stakeholders of the institution as it lets them handle and resolve issues at every step in a highly confidential manner with the help of alerts/SMS’s and Emails sent through the system.