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NIOS brings to you ‘Grievance Redressal System’,

Grievance Redressal System is to manage and redress grievances of the institution with greater transparency, establishing a very positive ambience in the Open and Distance Education system. Managed by a team of committed officials, Grievance Redressal System is pioneer in adopting the progressive and groundbreaking approach to redress the grievances efficiently and to revolutionize the environment of open and distance education system. The on-time service of Grievance Redressal System helps to report any issues easily.

How it works

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Grievance Redressal System is a mechanism which serves the Open and Distance Education domain. It is an online complaint redressal system that allows NIOS to enhance satisfaction of students, parents, alumni, management and all stake holders through comprehensive grievance management service. This system is highly sophisticated to automate the grievance process right from complaint registration to its closure. It also enforces optimal strategies to ensure the grievance gets attended within desired timeline or gets escalated to higher authorities for proper attention and intervention.
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All students enrolled for any courses like Secondary, sr. secondary, vocational or Open Basic Education (OBE) etc. under the NIOS can lodge complaint through this grievance redressal system. All you need to do first is to verify your Mobile number. An OTP will be sent to you which needs to be entered to proceed further while lodging any grievance. Grievance Redressal System automatically sends alert to the concerned department or Regional Centre and to the grievance cell in-charge on the complaint for taking required action. Once the complaint is resolved, you will get an alert message. The complainant can track the status of his/her complaint registered through the Grievance Redressal System. The stakeholders of the institute tend to develop greater confidence in this online grievance and feedback mechanism as they are given formal acknowledgement via SMS, Email and other online notification in a confidential way.
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Unlike paper-based grievance redressal mechanism, automated Grievance Redressal System is faster and ensures that the complaint lodged reaches the right person. Students, parents, alumni, management and all stake holders can effectively redress their complaints in time bound manner. After receiving complaints via the Grievance Redressal System online portal, the concerned officer in-charge will attend the grievance promptly and effectively. Once the complaint is redressed properly and appropriate action is taken, the officer in-charge sends reply to the complainant. The complaints redressed will be shown as closed and the complainants can reopen the case if they are not satisfied with the solution or action taken on their grievance.

Notable Features

Online Grievance Redressal System, has features that make it appealing to all stake holders of the institution. The easy to use and secure portal for students, parents, alumni, management and stake holders helps to maintain confidentiality in grievance dealing procedure. It gives an opportunity for the institution to implement a set of specific measures to ensure accountability and maximum output, by managing grievances of the stakeholders and increasing transparency, thereby establishing a very positive ambience.

User Interface

  • Students, parents, alumni, management and other stake holders belonging to NIOS can lodge complaints
  • One-stop platform to seek redressal of grievances
  • Verify mobile number, email and submit OTP before lodging any grievance
  • View notifications and status of the complaints posted
  • ‘Reminder’ option that sends alerts to remind about pending issues
  • ‘Reopen’ option to recommence the case for further investigation
  • Provision to give detailed description of the complaint
  • Attach supporting files/documents in favor of the grievance
  • View the reply for the complaint posted

User Interface for NIOS officials

  • View grievances sent by the users
  • Check the authenticity of complaints
  • Verify and approve registered complaints by checking their authenticity
  • ‘Reminder’ to view the alert message reminding pending complaints
  • ‘Report generating feature to create account on the total, pending and closed complaints by assigning start and end date
  • ‘Generate reports on a monthly basis in word/pdf/excel format
  • Option to send reply to the complaints along with attachments, if any
  • Resolve grievances and give satisfactory solution


  • Customizable and fully integrated report
  • Reports can be generated by assigning start and end date
  • Grievance cell in-charge can create reports in three categories such as total grievances received, pending grievances and closed grievances
  • Report will include complaint category, subject line, complaint type, date of posting, complaint status, name of complainant, actions taken etc.
  • ‘Reports on a monthly basis can be viewed and downloaded in word, pdf and excel format

Types of Grievances

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The term grievance outlines various types of complaints including any kind of dissatisfaction, allegation or complaint that there has been a violation, misinterpretation, misapplication or criminal practices. Grievances in NIOS fall into two categories, namely academic and non-academic. A list of grievances in both categories will be set in the Grievance Redressal System.

A few types of grievances

  • Grievance related to admission
  • Grievance related to examination/evaluation
  • Grievance related to result
  • Grievance related to charging of fees
  • Grievance regarding Personal Contact Program (PCP)
  • Grievance related to Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA)
  • Grievance related to Transfer of Credit (ToC)
  • Grievance related to Study Material/Self Learning Material (SLM)
  • Grievance related to e-Services
  • Grievance related to Accreditation


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The ultimate goal of Grievance Redressal System is to help users solve their problems easily by using the online grievance redressal portal. Grievance Redressal System assures that grievances will be kept confidential and publishing or sharing of the grievances lodged will not happen in any case. The online grievance redressal system can be used by all stake holders of NIOS to raise their grievance and it is taken up by the concerned departments/regional centres to give best solution to the problem. The user-friendly interface of the system reduces the distance and time barrier between users and NIOS management to create responsive and cordial situation in the Open and Distance Education system.

Grievances Redressal System

  • Students, parents, alumni, management and other stake holders need not go all the way to the grievance consultants to register complaints
  • Encourages users to raise grievances without fear
  • Provides a fair and speedy means of grievance handling
  • Save time of aggrieved person and cell members
  • Students, parents, faculty, alumni, non-teaching staff and management can lodge complaints in a discreet manner
  • Greater confidentiality and transparency in grievance dealing procedure
  • Helps to build peaceful atmosphere in the institute with openness and trust
  • Automates entire complaint process right from email verification to closure of complaint
  • Advantage over paper-based systems as Grievance Redressal System can alert users immediately on the grievance, action taken etc.
  • Online grievance redressal system is available 24*7
  • Improved communication and alerts via SMS / Email
  • Systematic and trustworthy grievance reporting